Creativity is the Way

Once in a while, I lose my ‘way’. I revert to old patterns, old hurtful patterns of food addiction and numbing behaviours like spending way too much time on my iPad playing Canasta, watching Netflix, scrolling Facebook, etc. Once in a while, my art table goes unoccupied, unused, collecting dust. The longer I’m ‘lost’, the harder it is to find my ‘way’ again. I get frustrated with myself. I’ve been here so many times, so many times! 

I have not painted for about a week. I have been overeating and spending too much time on my iPad for a few days now. It is interesting how all of this show up together. It is all connected. I know this. I’m not sure, though, what came first. Is interrupting my creative practice what contributes to losing my ‘way’? Or is losing my ‘way’ contributes to interrupting my creative practice? This is something for me to pay attention to, that’s for sure. But in the end, it doesn’t matter all that much what comes first. What matters is to find my ‘way’ again and I know exactly how to do this. I need to sit at my art table and do art. It isn’t easy. It’s uncomfortable at first. There’s are fears there for me, fear of inadequacy, fear of the unknown. The creative process is one of surrender and I know when I do surrender to it, I find my ‘way’ back to myself. 

In this time of uncertainty, I want to really encourage all of us to make time and space for creativity. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or huge. There are so many ways to tap into our own creativity. Paint, draw, dance, make music, create a meal from scratch, write, knit, build Lego houses with your kids. Immerse yourself into a creative project for a few minutes or a few hours each day. You will feel rejuvenated and be more prepared to deal with whatever challenges might come your way. Guaranteed!

If you are looking for me this afternoon, I’ll be at my art table covered in paint!

How about you?