Project 100 Paintings

Hello, welcome to my new blog! I thought I would start off by introducing you to the project I’m working on right now: Project 100 Paintings.

Last July, I took on the challenge of creating 100 paintings on 11″x11″ paper. I cut my 100 pieces of watercolour paper to size and then proceeded with the challenge.

This challenge has been such a gift! This is exactly what I needed to break a 3-year hiatus in my art practice. I was stuck and seriously doubted my ability as an artist. Anything I did do in terms of art in those three years, I disliked and even hated at times. I embarked on this challenge with the aim to explore, be curious and find my own unique style.

Fast forward eight months and I have completed 50 paintings, have 47 in progress and only three blank pieces remaining. I do my best to paint almost daily. I believe that I have developed a style that is my own. I’m finding out what colours I love playing with and the ones I’m not enjoying so much. In a nutshell, I’m learning to trust the process and myself as a result. My inner critic is welcomed to give me the occasional positive criticism but now knows (most of the time) how to keep her negative feedback to herself. How cool is that!