Some New Backgrounds

Click/tap on painting to see larger version.

I have a pile of over 40 paintings that have layers of paint but have not yet ‘graduated’ to completed backgrounds. A few days ago, I had a background painting session and these five backgrounds are now complete! 

I love doing backgrounds. This is where curiousity and experimentation comes into play. “What happens if I do this?”, “How might this colour combination work together?”, “Can I sandpaper this area out?”, “Let’s see what happens if I spray some water here.” and on and on it goes. My creativity is having a ball during this stage.

These new completed backgrounds are all so different. There’s such a richness to them that comes from having layers upon layers. At this time, I have no idea what these paintings will look when totally done. I don’t know yet what focal point might end up on them. I’m looking forward to finding out. Don’t you?

Aren’t these gorgeous? Which one do you prefer?